Comprehensive training, designed by world-class coaches, combine yoga, mind and strength training to reach your true potential. Where other apps just guess, our comprehensive approach gives you everything you need to be faster. And so much more. 
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We’ve made SUFFERFEST our go to performance app of choice for the last 6 years: From humble beginnings to the now global brand, we’ve been there at the start: 
Year after year we sell-out Performance Cycling Classes to all abilities. New Riders, weekend warriors and time hunting Sportive riders. 
Here are instructions for redemption: 
1. Go to and create your account to start your 14-day free trial. 
2. Download The Sufferfest for macOS, Windows, or iOS. 
3. Log into your account at and select Manage Subscription. 
4. Select the monthly subscription option and click "Add Coupon". 
5. Enter your promo code to get 1 month free in addition to the 14-day free trial. Note that you will have to enter payment information for the code to activate but you won't be charged if you cancel before the end of the 45-day promotional period. 
6. For detailed instructions on applying a coupon please see this help article. 
7. Questions? Check out The Sufferfest Help Center or email 
the results speak for themselves.... 
Venning Ride Sufferfest workouts have improved my strength and helped me to become a better, faster cyclist. 
My two 10-week courses over the winter months not only helped keep my winter fitness levels up, but taught me about the benefits of interval training. My power improved and I learned I could push myself much harder than I thought possible.  
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My journey at VENNING RIDE started many years ago as a  
non-cyclist, looking for some kind of exercise to regain my fitness after having children.  
I soon became hooked and over the years reaped the benefits as my fitness, strength and endurance continued to improve with each and every carefully designed workout. 
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I came to VENNING RIDE (on advice from my wife) in 2015 having not rode a bike since 1998. 
The Classes at VENNING RIDE improved my fitness, technique and power on a bike and eventually I had gained enough confidence to invest in a road bike. Now, 4 years later I am loving a full life of cycling challenges and regularly take part in Cycle Sportives across the country...  
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Being a cyclist who just gets on a bike and rides, I needed to enhance my training to complete LEJOG and gain more endurance and strength as a rider... 
I found Sufferfest through Venning Ride as I don’t have a turbo trainer, that is a diverse programme of intense hour long sessions to improve strength and endurance. 
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If Spinning is as good for the mind as it is the body (which it is), then Sufferfest takes it a stage further. 
The videos are encapsulating, so much so that you really do forget about everything around you and everything that has happened during the day. 
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I guess I’ve been a fair weather sportive rider for a number of years now... 
which meant I would swing erratically from my peak fitness levels of the summer months through to depressingly low levels of fitness in the winter. This year, I decided I needed to change this, so I joined Venning Rides’ Sufferfest programme. I am glad I did.  
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